Predictors of Adherence in Three Low-Intensity Intervention Programs Applied by ICTs for Depression in Primary Care


Depression is one of the most common disorders in psychiatric and primary care settings, and is associated with disability, loss in quality of life, and economic costs. Internet-based psychological interventions have been shown to be effective in depression treatment but present problems with a low degree of adherence. The main aim of this study is to analyze the adherence predictors in three low-intensity interventions programs applied by Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for depression. A multi-center, randomized, controlled clinical trial was conducted with 164 participants with depression, who were allocated to: Healthy Lifestyle Program, Positive Affect Promotion Program or Mindfulness Program. Sociodemographic characteristics, Patient Health Questionnaire-9, Visual Analog Scale, Short Form Health Survey, Positive and Negative Affect Schedule, Five Facets Mindfulness Questionnaire, Pemberton Happiness Index and Treatment Expectancy Questionnaire were used to study adherence. Results showed that positive affect resulted in a predictor variable for Healthy Lifestyle Program and Positive Affect Promotion Program. Perceived health was also a negative adherence predictor for the Positive Affect Promotion Program. Our findings demonstrate that there are differences in clinical variables between treatment completers and non-completers and we provide adherence predictors in two intervention groups. Although new additional predictors have been examined, further research is essential in order to improve tailored interventions and increase adherence treatment.

Castro, A., García-Palacios, A., López-Del-Hoyo, Y., Mayoral, F., Pérez-Ara, M. Á., Baños, R. M., García-Campayo, J., Hurtado, M. M., Botella, C., Barceló-Soler, A., Villena, A., Roca, M., & Gili, M.

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