Behavior Change Techniques and the Effects Associated With Digital Behavior Change Interventions in Sedentary Behavior in the Clinical Population: A Systematic Review


Sedentary behavior (SB) negatively impact health and is highly prevalent in the population. Digital behavior change interventions (DBCIs) have been developed to modify behaviors such as SB by technologies. However, it is unknown which behavior change techniques (BCTs) are most frequently employed in SB as well as the effect associated with DBCIs in this field. The aim of this systematic review was: (a) to evaluate the BCT most frequently employed in digital health including all technologies available and interventions aimed at increasing physical activity (PA), reducing sedentary time, and improving adherence to exercise in the clinical population, and (b) to review the effect associated with DBCIs in this field.

Martín-Martín, J., Roldán-Jiménez, C., De-Torres, I., Muro-Culebras, A., Escriche-Escuder, A., Gonzalez-Sanchez, M., Ruiz-Muñoz, M., Mayoral-Cleries, F., Biró, A., Tang, W., Nikolova, B., Salvatore, A., & Cuesta-Vargas, A. I.

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